Each pair of speakers was handmade in New York City and was manufactured with the finest components and manufacturing techniques. The housings are of the highest quality, from solid, hand-picked bamboo, with selected precious wood veneer. The materials inside are equally impressive, from massive copper clamps and silver wiring to the handmade, hard-wired silver DeF-SVDX crossover and matched drivers.

The Gibbon 88 is a very compact loudspeaker system with a full frequency range and a very high reproducibility – able to give the listener an extremely transparent look at a musical event. This window to the music leaves the textures and nuances of the performance unchanged and undefined.

One result of this careful design is that the speakers add less of their own sound to the system. You will find it very easy to hear differences between different components and different cables.

The 88 brings our Gibbon philosophy of easy driveability and low coloring to a level that is otherwise only achieved by the Silverback Reference.

Most amplifiers will produce the best sound on our speakers because they do not have to work as hard as most other designs. The Gibbon design philosophy dictates a very uniform 8 Ohm impedance with low idle resistance and high sensitivity.

All DeVore Fidelity speakers are built according to the Golden Cut, taking into account the “golden proportions”. This applies in particular to the chambers inside the loudspeakers.

All loudspeaker chassis are designed by DeVore. They are specially designed for DeVore and have special features regarding membrane materials used, membranes, shapes, coils and magnets.

The crossovers use their own technology from DeVore Fidelity.

The Gibbon series uses a specially designed cable from DeVore for wiring inside the speakers. These special cables consist of 80% of high-purity copper and 20% of silver.

The feet of the Gibbon 88 are designed for optimal coupling. They are made of bronze and nickel-plated.

All DeVore Fidelity loudspeakers are designed with different wood varieties – hardwood, bamboo and MDF boards – with different densities.

All DeVore Fidelity speakers are especially amplifier friendly. Their impedance shows their minimum between 7,5 and 9 ohms depending on the model. The impedance profile is exceptionally linear. As a result, amplifiers with a very low output, starting at approximately 8 watts, reproduce unrivaled dynamics.

“Not everyone wants Cerwin Vega-style punch, and few people can accommodate a pair of 15-inch Tannoy’s in their lounge, which is where more delicate but vastly capable speakers like this come in. In the right room, and with their absolute volume limits and low frequency extension kept in mind, these speakers can sound as fragile as a tiny butterfly or hit as hard as a hammer on an anvil. They’re just lovely in every way and would definitely be on my list of must-listen-to speakers for anyone shopping in this price range.”

ASHLEY KRAMER , Witchdoctor, NZ

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